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Persoo is a personalization tool and team of experts who are ready to help you boost your e‑commerce revenue without extra media spent.

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How our boosting algorithm works?

Three steps to boost your revenue



You will just implement a small piece of code to your website <head> and it will makes your e‑commerce platform much smarter.


Collecting data

From the moment when you set up this script, the AI can collect data of users shopping behavior and automatically creates models and scenarios based on what it learned from customers in the past and suggest the most likely preferred products to the new visitors.


Great buying experience

The users are sorted into different groups like i.e.: "Apple lovers", "Savers", "People who like red color", etc. and it further suggests products according to their interest.

This is how the results of our algorightm sometimes look like

Persoo can help in any kind of e‑commerce business. Here are a few examples.
+24 %
clothing revenue boost
+35 %
books revenue boost
+34 %
travel industry revenue boost
+5 %
electronics revenue boost
Great features to boost your e‑commerce revenue

Implement these additional great features with our AI for free!

Product recommendations

Personalized products offer increases conversion rate, revenue, and improves user experience.

Personalized search

A good search is a must. Don’t let your visitor get lost or search long for the product they want.

You can get our revenue boosting tools immediately for FREE

We will implement our AI to your website for free and you will pay only a provision of your added income. Usability is crucial to generate great profit at your e‑commerce platform and we already know how to boost your profit rapidly.

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Our fee is individually based on a proven added income

Type of industry
Books store
Clothing shop
Books store
Travel industry
Electronic store
Other industry
+ 14000 $
Revenue boost
40000 $
Your revenue
 estimated revenue boost with Persoo  your current revenue without Persoo
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