10/12/2020 / 3 min read

10 reasons to personalized your e-shop


Personalization in ecommerce looks like a buzzword these days. All talk about that but only few really have it. But in fact good personalization not only increase revenues but also helps to boost other KPIs such as conversion rate or customer retention and mROI of campaigns.

Interested? If yes read this article to observe why to personalize, where and what are all the benefits.

1. Increase revenues

Smart algorithms using AI and machine learning are able to quickly realized what customer wants to buy and display immediately what the customer desire. So the customer easily find what he wants to buy, the frequency of the customer shopping period is higher, value of the chart is boosted and the customer is returning back.

To achieve maximal efficiency its important to set the personalized boxes to relevant place on the e-shop, eg homepage, inside categories, on the product detail page, pre backet, basket. This type of service can increase middle sized e-shop revenues by tens of percentages monthly.

2. Increase basket average value

Good personalization for x/up sell can “sell” to customer more products and also more expensive products he would buy without personalization and recommendation. This helps to increase value of the basket. AI could recognize bonding within thousands of products and recommend those products with match to customers.

3. Increase conversion rate

Personalization helps to increase number of orders thus conversion rate, number of viewed pages and prolong time customer stays on the eshop. The bounce rate is decreased in parallel.

4. Save your time of product prioritization and manual product listing

Personalized content of e-shop reflects individual needs of each single customer and AI recognize bonding within thousands of products you don’t need to do that stuff manually. Its all done automatically for each customer personalized. Moreover it manages displaying of goodies which are not in stock.

5. Margin maximalization

With our tool you can prioritize your private labels with higher margin or products where you have better margin.

6. Increase campaigns efficiency

Personalization will help you conversion rate of your e-shop, number of transactions, basket value so it improve ROI of your marketing campaigns too. You will also face better KPIs such as ROAS, mROI and others.

7. Better marketing costs allocation

With better marketing efficiency, better conversion rate and better basket value you will definitely decrease you PNO (marketing costs share on revenues).

8. Better retention

Good e-shop means returning customers. If the customer is satisfied with the e-shop, which is mainly driven by personalization, he is coming back. Returning customer means more money.

9. Better UX

Customer is much better oriented in personalized e-shop than he is lost in one which is not personalized.

10. Customer proof

Still not satisfied? Have a look at our case studies.

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