Cross‑sell in the checkout brings better turnover is a strong player in the Czech e‑commerce electronics market especially in geek community.

+5.3 %
Revenue boost
+7 %
Conversion rate
+10 %
Number of transactions

Every geek in Czech Republic knows As a strong player in the market, we implemented Persoo and got one level higher.

Where was the problem? wanted to strengthen its position in e‑commerce, improve UX, and increase turnover.

How did it end up?

Website personalization has helped a lot, the homepage box now has a 95 % higher click‑through rate. Boxes with recommendations on product detail pages bring an increase in turnover by 5.1 %. The average order increased by 8.2 %. Cross‑sell in the checkout brings better turnover by 5.6 %. Mainly due to the 6 % increase in the number of transactions. In total, turnover increased by 5.3 %.

Homepage solution

Persoo OFF

On the home page were best‑sellers set manually by e‑commerce maintainers. That’s fine, but what about visitors for whom this offer is not relevant?

Persoo ON

Right after we found out what the customer is interested in we switched the best‑sellers box on the home page with a personalized recommendation. CTR increased to nearly double its previous state by 95 %.

Product detail page

Persoo OFF

A manually filled‑in recommendations were set to be displayed on the product details pages by e‑commerce maintainers.

Persoo ON

We placed two product feeds below product details. One for the “others are also browsing” which contains alternative products and the other for the “you might be interested” with other types of products that are often purchased with the currently viewed product.

  • CTR of “others are also browsing” is 13.8 %
  • CTR of “you might be interested” is 4.5 %


Persoo OFF

There was only the manually set recommendation placed in the pre‑checkout.

Persoo ON

We placed to the pre‑checkout a feed of upsell products which are somehow related to what the customer has added to the shopping cart. The relation between these products was set according to complementary and associated products.

  • CTR of recommendations increased to 3.5 %
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