Incredible 34 % increase in revenue sell local and international trips and vacations. The target was to improve revenue as much as possible.

+34 %
Revenue boost
+36 %
Number of transactions
+8 %
Average order value is focused on selling inland and foreign trips. The goal was simple. To find out by what percentage will our turnover get increased if we start using personalized recommendations.

Where was the problem?

Many visitors were confused on the site, browsing for a long time through destinations and trips that did not engage them. By directing visitors towards their preferred trip, we helped them move through the transaction funnel much more quickly.

What client said?

„I have to admit that I was surprised by the benefits that personalization has brought for us. Now I feel like the whole page is on a different level. Not speaking only about hard numbers but the overall benefit for users too. I also appreciate the flexible approach which allowed us to implement things unique for our field of business.“

Vojtěch Schlesinger,

Homepage solution

Persoo ON

We implemented general recommendations along with displaying recently viewed tours on the main page.

Tour categories

Persoo ON

On category pages, we placed the most attractive tours for a given visitor according to his price preferences and current or previous interests. We placed these boxes in the page footer.

Tour detail

Persoo ON

We placed boxes offering alternative or cross‑sell tours to the footer of pages with tour details.

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