Total turnover got an increase of 35 % is a huge e-commerce platform selling books in Czech Republic.

+35 %
Revenue boost
+23.6 %
Click‑through rate
+16.7 %
Sold items

The eshop, owned by the Mladá fronta publisher, wanted to make shopping easier for their customers and so they decided to personalize the website.

First, we tested Persoo in an A/B test, where 50 % of users were seeing the personalized variant and 50 % non‑personalized variant of the eshop. Total turnover got an increase of 35 % during one month of A/B testing. This happened mainly due to the higher number of books purchased per transaction.

Where was the problem?

At website was places for cross‑sell and upsell containing a default offer of books which was the same for every visitor.

How did it end up?

Thanks to the personalized recommendations people often buy multiple books from the same author in one purchase, whether it’s a sequel book or just an impression of a favorite author’s name.

Homepage solution

Persoo ON

We added a line of products and called it news in our offer. The personalized list of books corresponds to the customer’s preferences as well as current trends.


Persoo ON

To category, we added a special line displayed as first and carrying books recommendations based on the category, customer’s interests and current demand or trends. Persoo increases conversions by recommending books and making the whole purchase process easier for customers.

Book details

Persoo ON

We added books from the same category that match the customers’ interests and which have the potential to get their attention as the first line on the product’s details page. In the second row, we placed books from other categories that are somehow related to the currently viewed title.

Shopping cart

Persoo ON

The last location where Persoo displays books that have a chance to get customer’s attention is placed in the shopping cart.

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