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Personalized search

A good search is a must. Don’t let your visitor get lost or search long for the product they want.

+15 %
Average revenue boost
+12 %
Average order value
+16 %
Number of transactions

Relevant and fast search results improve customer experience and raise conversion rate and sales.

Customers like to use Persoo search.

  • Lightning speed results suggestion with each character written
  • Personalized search remember previous searches and recorded preferences
  • Prioritize products if they are e.g. in stock, bestsellers, or trending
  • Search in multiple fields like title, description, brand, category, color, and others
  • Typo corrections even if you mistype “iPhone” for “iphne”, we will still find what you are really looking for
  • Character understanding, whether you write “cliché” or “cliche” the results will be the same
  • Modern responsive design, with the possibility to fully customize the design of our snippets
Lightning speed

Lightning speed

Persoo search is so fast that we can rewrite results instantly every time you press a key. And that is what customers today expect from modern search tool at e‑commerce platforms.

How does it work?

Anytime you press a key Persoo search looks into a database of products and brings back results which match with a written string, sorted according to the user’s priorities.

Why is it good for a customer?

Google Studies show that fast loading can raise conversion rate of e‑commerce platform. Customers like fast websites. Nobody wants to wait long for servers to process their request. Everyone expects their results to be shown immediately.

What does it bring for you?

Satisfied customers who will always find what they’re looking for. Therefore this you can expect to have better sales as well.
Persoo is a modern reactive search solution which will not cost you thousands of USD to develop.

Personalized results

Personalized results

Hundreds of products are relevant to the general query of “shoes”.
Do you know which to show first?

You do not need to! Persoo will do it automatically.

How does it work?

In regard to product statistics, we’ll show top sellers for new visitors. In regard to preferences gained from previous visitors’’ behavior on the web, E.g. for phrase “shoes” we show:

  • Men’s shoes to men, women’s shoes to women.
  • We will put a favorite brand in the first place.
  • We will accurately estimate the price level. We will not offer a no name low-cost watch to a man who is interested in Rolex.
Why is it good for a customer?

A customer always gets results in which he is most probably interested in. For new users we display bestsellers. For any returned visitor we will take their preferences obtained from their previous online behavior into account.

What does it bring for you?

We significantly increase the probability of a finished order made on your e‑commerce platform by displaying individualized, most probably interesting products to every customer.

Rich filters

Rich filters

Customers often need to see by what parameters they can specify the search results of their full-text query. We display only filters that make sense in relation to the searched products.

How does it work?

Persoo finds relevant results for the searched query and therefore displays appropriate filters along with info of how many products under which filter have been found. There can be as many filters as you want - breakdown according to parameter values, choice of colors, brands, categories, sizes, slider for price, etc. You can compose them together for each category of goods as a custom kit.

Why is it good for a customer?

Customers can easily specify the searched results - e.g. filter the brands, color and price category and get a list of products he would be willing to buy.

What does it bring for you?

Persoo can remember all filtering actions of a user and automatically creates personalized profiles out of them. If the visitor used filters, you will get information about his preferences and in the future you can contact him with an interesting, personalized marketing offers. Persoo does this automatically for you on the e‑commerce platform as well, e.g. in boxes with recommended products.

Find more

We will find more

If a user tried to search a product but didn’t find it - he will not make any purchase at all. Even worse he could leave your e‑commerce platform and make the purchase at your competitor. Persoo will increase the number of queries with relevant results.

How does it work?

Persoo fixes misspellings in the search query.

  • Corrects misspellings – Is it Mielle or Miele? Adidas or Addidas? User doesn’t need to know. Persoo knows it.
  • Word declension
  • Singular and plural understanding – You can write men or man, results will be the same.
  • Corrects diacritics - Feel free to write with no diacritics at all. Persoo will find what you’re looking for anyway.
  • Recognizes the main category - e.g. query of “iPhone” displays phones first, not just a thousand of iPhone cases like any other search engine.
Why is it good for a customer?

Users will find the product they are looking for with a much higher probability, even if they entered the search query with a typo error. If you don’t have what he is currently looking for - Persoo will offer potentially interesting alternatives so users don’t need to leave your e‑commerce platform and search somewhere else.

What does it bring for you?

Persoo search will be your online salesman which won’t give up with any failure. Instead, it will try to lead the customers to the right result and if you don’t have what they are looking for - Persoo will display alternative products and therefore try to sell something else. Even visitors who didn’t find exactly what they were looking for can be turned into satisfied customers.


Measure significant metrics about your search results. That’s the only way to improve.

Report search results to your analytics platform. Besides the search phrase and filters - send there also the number of results found.

What to measure?
  1. Which phrases do not match any results
  2. What queries do most of the visitors write to fulltext
  3. Which filters do they use most often
How to measure?

By using standard website analytics tools. For example Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

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