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Product recommendations

Personalized products offer increases conversion rate, revenue, and improves user experience.

+15 %
Average revenue boost
+12 %
Average order value
+16 %
Number of transactions

Thanks to personalization, the visitor does not have to search for products that are interesting for him.

Persoo displays them automatically.

  • Maximizes attractiveness of the offer
  • Increases average order value, conversion rate and revenue
  • Improves users experience, who might return more likely
  • Saves time and money on manual insertion of related products. Persoo creates relationships automatically
  • Effectively uses cross‑sell and upsell
  • Personalizes the offer according to the visitor’s preferences (color, brand, price range, gender, destination etc.)
  • Automatically reacts to current trends – if a product or a category reach a temporary high
  • Reacts to visitor’s behavior in real‑time


Offer the customer some products that are related or complementary to what he has just added to the cart. This might please the customer, and if they buy extra products, you will increase orders’ average value and turnover.

How does it work?

Persoo checks what products have been added to the cart and therefore further displays products that could be interesting for the customer. These additional or complementary products are usually displayed in dedicated boxes, e.g. “You might be interested in”, located in the first step of the checkout. These boxes can be also placed at other places of your eshop and our team is ready to advise you on finding the right one.

Why is it good for a customer?

Users often don’t know which complementary products they could buy. If you don’t let them know that the TV they’re about to buy works with Apple TV or Google Chromecast, they often would not even consider buying any extra product.

What does it bring for you?

A personalized offer of complementary products can easily increase orders average value, sales, and customer experience. All this leads to more likely returning customers.



When a visitor is searching for a product of his interest, it’s a good practice to show him alternatives. That will keep him browsing.

You can also use these alternatives to direct any visitor to products with slightly higher price or higher margin.

How does it work?

At a product’s detail page, Persoo displays a box with a selection of similar products to make any customer’s decision easier and to try to sell products with a higher profit. This box is highlighted if the searched product is not in your offer so any customer can see other similar products that are available.

If a customer is browsing the most expensive product in its category then we do not need to show any alternative products at all. Neither we need to show alternative offers to a customer returning from a remarketing campaign. We need to focus on leading them through the whole process to a final purchase, plus we can eventually show them complementary products.

Why is it good for a customer?

As long as customers browse but have not yet decided what product to buy, you can make their choice easier by showing the right alternatives. If you don’t offer alternative products they might leave and look for them somewhere else.

What does it bring for you?

It depends on your business strategy. . The offer of alternative products can be composed of products with a higher price, margin, or you can display anything you need to sell for any other reason.

Top products

Top products

Usually customers don’t have time to spend a long time choosing products or reading their detailed labels. Sometimes they just trust that other customers already tried a product and simply want to buy what everyone else bought.

How does it work?

We can display the best‑selling products (in a certain period of time) in the products list. Users who browse the category see the offer as first and therefore they will start thinking about buying one of these products as well.

Why is it good for a customer?

Customers can be influenced by a crowd easily. They usually trust that products with good customer ratings will be perfect for them as well.

What does it bring for you?

You can easily convince a random user, who came just to view your offers, to buy something by showing him the most popular products. Many people are actually looking for what’s the latest trend they could buy.

Homepage recommendations

Homepage recommendations

Homepage is an important landing page, where we can use the information gathered on a returning visitor.

Since we know their preferences, we can show what is relevant for them, and help start the session.

How does it work?

On the main page, Persoo displays product boxes tailored for a specific user.

For a new user, it shows an offer of the top and best‑selling products from various categories.

Customer, who is already in the purchasing process will get displayed an offer of alternative and complementary products to make his decision easier.

If the user has made a purchase from you in the past, Persoo will remember it and offer him products that might fit the previously bought products well.

If the user didn’t get interested in the offer on your main page, Persoo will show him a different, more interesting one next time.

Why is it good for a customer?

Customers will see the offer of products that might be interesting for them, or correspond to their preferences and price level, right after arriving on the main page.

What does it bring for you?

Standard eshops usually don’t know what products to show on the main page. Persoo will handle this difficult task automatically for you and it will offer interesting products to a specific user in real‑time.

Recently viewed products

Recently viewed products

A list of recently viewed products simplifies navigation and enhances user experience. Persoo can display these products even on different devices customers use to browse the internet. That makes the whole purchase much easier.

How does it work?

Persoo remembers which products users recently viewed and displays them in a special box which is usually located above the footer or in the sidebar.

Why is it good for a customer?

Customers often want to return quickly to what they browsed recently, especially if they viewed a large number of products.

What does it bring for you?

A list of recently viewed products can make the purchasing process easier and so it can increase conversion rate of your e‑commerce platform.


Page not found (404)

When customers enter a page which does not exist, it is necessary to show them a good reason why they should stay at your website. Navigate them to the page with selected products, show them a personalised offer that is interesting and won’t let them leave your e‑commerce platform.

How does it work?

If customers visit a page that does not exist, Persoo shows them reasons why they should keep browsing through your e‑commerce platform.

Why is it good for a customer?

If users get to the 404 pages, they often leave the site immediately. Try to impress them with interesting products and keep their attention.

What does it bring for you?

A 404 page should never appear on your website. But if that already happens, you should try your best to keep users on your website and offer them something that might be interesting for them.

Detailed statistics for recommendations

To be in control of all the recommendations, Persoo offers the following statistics for each box. These KPI allow you to evaluate A/B tests of various algorithms and conditions.

These metrics can also be exported into CSV files.

Real impressions and clicks

Real impression happens, when the visitor really sees the offer.

Rendering the offer outside screen area does not count as an impression.


CTR calculated as the number of clicks / number of impressions.

Impact on revenue

If the visitor clicked any recommendation and then purchased something, we attribute the value of the purchase to the recommendation box.

The attribution model distributes the transaction’s value evenly among all boxes clicked before transaction (in the last 30 days).

Successfully recommended and purchased products

If the visitor viewed, clicked and purchased a product from a recommendation box, this purchase is counted as directly affected by the recommendation box.

If the visitor clicked the same product in multiple boxes, the revenue is divided evenly among all participating boxes.

A/B tests and experiments

Anything in Persoo can be A/B tested. Whether you want to test different content, compare algorithms or targeting conditions, it’s easy.

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